Monday, April 23, 2007

dia del libro en Sophos

El sábado 21 de los corrientes se efectuó la maratón de lectura correspondiente al día del libro en Sophos. El libro a leer en esta oportunidad fue Cien Años de Soledad de ya ustedes saben quién (para algunos no fue la mejor elección pero ni modo, yo lo leí cuando era joven, muy inocente y nada pretencioso y me gustó)

¡Muchas gracias a Sophos por la oportunidad de darnos a conocer!

Felicidades a Kerin, Marlon, Marlon (la perra) Kique y por supuesto a mi juas!

Ahi van algunas fotos

Friday, April 13, 2007


A petición de mi amigo Ricardo que está en Canadá, les mando una historia que escribió acerca de un ferrocarril de la isla de Newfoundland.

Al rato le pongo la traducción, ¡Que la disfruten!

The Newfoundland Railway

The Newfoundland railway used to be a very exciting way of traveling until very strange things started to happen around 1918. Back then a man called Frederick worked on the freight trains that carried no passengers. His job was outside the train inspecting and checking everything while the train was on the move and he would also shout the train to stop in case something was wrong.

He was a young man with no family so he worked every day. He didn’t even have a house because he lived on the train all the time.

One day they were headed for St. Johns on a hot summer day. The conductor of the train told him the he would get the night shift to check the train. When it got dark he went up to do his duty. He decided to start checking from the back to the front because he would sit on the front top of the train for a few minutes looking at the sky and stars.

When he was on the 3rd car, when he suddenly looked to the front and saw what looked like to be a person in front of the railway up ahead. He yelled and the conductor blew the horn but the figure would not move.

The train was forced to make a stop. Frederick was told to go and see who that was. When he went to see, he spoke to an old lady. Her face was wrinkled and he could see the face of time in her face. He told the lady if she had a home and she didn’t answer. She told him not to come back the same route when they were supposed to come back from St. Johns because if they did their train would derail. After she told him that she walked to a path that lead straight to the woods.

When he got back to the train he told the conductor what the lady had said. The man laughed so hard tears came out of his eyes. The conductor told him that the locals around that area were environmentalists and they would do anything to scare the people on the trains so that they would close the railway. When everyone laughed at him he felt pretty bad and he felt pretty bad so he ignored it.

When they were only about an hour from St. Johns there was another figure in the railway. The same thing happened. They had to stop the train and when he got off amazingly it was the exact same lady he had seen the night before.

The lady said to him “You are a young man and it wouldn’t be good for you to be in that accident”. Then after telling him that, she turned around and walked off into the woods again.

Then when he got back to the train and told everyone that, they laughed at him and told him that he was a person with a lot of imagination.

He didn’t care what anyone told him. He thought to himself if it was possible for a person to outrun a train? Can a person appear in front of a train and then about 78 kilometers appear again? He asked himself that question and he thought that it must be true.

When they got to St. Johns he asked the person in charge of everything there if he could put him in another train. The person laughed at him but he put him in another train.

He set off into the other train that was going to the town of Wesleyville. On the route there he thought off all his friends that were on the other train. He thought to himself if he had made the right choice or just made himself looked weird in front of everyone.

On this train he didn’t get to check up top how he liked it instead he got to check tickets in case someone was a stowaway.

When they got to the town of Wesleyville he waited for until the next day so that he could check if his friends had reached the town of St. Anthony safely.

When he went to the main station where they had the radios and everything to communicate, he asked if his friends had reached their destination but he was told to hold on because they were busy.

He waited for two hours. Then finally the chief came out and said if he wanted to hear some bad news. He said if it was about the train that was headed for St. Anthony.

When he got prepared to hear it, he was told that the train had derailed in a curve and unfortunately there had been absolutely no survivors.

After that he never ever worked on the train again.